Frequently asked questions

Are these products only avaliable online?

No, Divine body care products will be attending farmers markets & community events!! Follow our social media to stay updated :) facebook - @DivineBodyCareProductsLLC Instagram - @Divine_Bodycare_Products

Do we accept more than one payment method?

Yes! we accept the following: - Visa, Mastercard, American Express & Discover - Paypal - Afterpay

Can I request customs soaps?

Yes! Fill out our survey found on the custom page

  1. Click the "Custom products" button
  2. Choose soap base
  3. Choose a scent
  4. Choose a color (if wanted)
  5. Share your email so we can contact you
  6. And submit!
  7. We will confirm your order though email :)

Is there a physical store I can go to?

No, Divine Body Care Products does not have a physical store, and as of right now we do not plan to. However, we often attend farmers markets, and community events throughout the year. Follow our social media to stay updated about where we will be !! facebook - @DivineBodyCareProductsLLC Instagram - @Divine_Bodycare_Products